What our clients say…
Jenna Innes Jenkins, Delray Beach
"From Day One, both Steve and Lori took the time to get a clear picture of what I wanted to accomplish – no detail spared. This is where their seasoned experience shows. They obviously have enough experience to understand how crucial good communication and clear upfront guidelines are to a smooth working relationship and overall experience. They leave no stone left unturned. Throughout the process, if I had a question–no matter how big or small–they were ON IT. I rarely had to go more than a few minutes for a response. Talk about taking the pressure off! They are fast, prompt, succinct, intelligent communication pros!
Above all, what makes Steve and Lori stand apart from other real estate agents–and this may sound cliché–but they really do care about more than just a transaction. Their character is evident; their concern is authentic. They clearly want my long-term satisfaction, and it makes them genuinely happy to have made a difference in my life. This kind of hard-to-find of integrity seals my loyalty to Steve and Lori Martel.
My husband and I will be purchasing several investment properties in the Delray Beach area, and have no doubt that Steve and Lori will find us what we’re looking for. As active and socially well-known members of the Delray Beach community, they know the area down to the back streets and corners. I look forward to a lasting business relationship!”
Delray Resident
“I am so incredibly happy with the experience I had selling my home with the help of Steve and Lori Martel of Delray Beach on so many levels. First, they sold my 1975-built home in less than a month! AND at near asking price. AND the whole process was as stress-free as humanly possible. Steve and Lori have earned their spot as my permanent real estate agents for all my home buying/selling needs from now on!
Benita Goldstein, Delray Beach
"I have now experienced first hand what everyone else was saying. Steve went above and beyond in his communication with us and his efforts to make this deal happen.
We were so impressed how well everything went that I want all our clients to use him."
Kipp Clemmons
“Steve and Lori were great to work with. We’d spoken to them several months ago to get an idea of what my wife and I needed to do when we started seriously looking for houses. They were with us every step of the way, and when it came time to actually go look, Steve and Lori had built a list containing homes that we had selected in addition to others that they knew met our criteria. We found our new house the very first time we went out looking! They live in the area, so obviously they know where to buy. They helped make the entire process as easy and painless as it could be. We are very happy we chose Steve, Lori and RE/MAX. Thanks again!”
Kim Bambach, Delray Beach
“Steve was terrific! Very attuned to our needs and requirements, spot on in picking houses for us to view in one short weekend, assisted with strategy on negotiation for the best house for the value once we narrowed quickly down to two developments. Post signing coordination by Lori & wrangling inspection items as well as solid contractor recomendations really made the difference with long-distance relocation logistics. Great Customer Service. Great Follow-up….and he didn’t pay me to write this! I just know what bad looks like….”

Megan Eisenberg, Boca Raton
““Loved working with Steve! He found us exactly what we were looking for with the first house we saw. Nice neighborhood for our son, a low HOA as well as being a completely remodeled move in read home. He also got us $24k off the asking price! We would highly recommend him to friends and family. Steve is exuberant and friendly and capable of making things happen.””
Selma Reinstein, Scottsdale AZ
“Our experience with Steve Martel was excellent. We appreciated his hands on approach & that he was always available for our questions & concerns. We will definitely recommend Steve to our family & friends.”
Carol Lee, Delray Beach
“Felt he was professional, answered my concerns well and did a good job in the sale of my condo. Would recommend him to others.”
Kay Gill, Delray Beach
Steve is a great guy and it was a pleasure working with him.
Delray Resident
I cannot express strongly enough just how much I appreciated Steve’s warm and friendly approach to the act of house hunting. He made it an enjoyable and light-hearted experience. He understood what our priorities were; what was a must and what could be a deal breaker. He saved us hours of viewing as he knew exactly what my husband and I were looking for and which homes were not worth showing us. He seemed to truly delight in our joy of finding our dream house.
Lori Martel is not only a warm and friendly person, she is also an efficient, competent and serious professional. She tended to my every query, question and doubt. She always communicated clearly, quickly and never left me waiting for a reply. I cannot say enough about her competence when it comes to contracts and all the paperwork involved in buying a house. I trusted her judgement and knowledge totally and it made buying my new house a true pleasure.”